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Creating Life-Changing Experiences for Students

Shorelight partners with ambitious universities interested in unlocking the international student opportunity.

To each of our highly tailored partnerships we bring capital, extensive global assets, and deep operational expertise. We seek out visionary leaders and schools with histories of innovation.

Our Approach

Shorelight takes an innovative approach to driving institutional growth, creating new revenue streams, and expanding options for students seeking the next-generation higher education experience. We work with top-tier universities to create strategic and sustainable programs that realize an institution’s short- and long-term goals.

Partnership Benefit

We create generational partnerships that help universities reimagine their international strategies. It all starts with our innovative programs and services fully aligned with the student lifecycle. We contribute funding, deep operational expertise, and a global network of technology-enabled services. So our university partners can focus on inspiring the next generation of students.


The university and Shorelight jointly manage a program dedicated to providing a best-in-class student experience. Our program is guided by a shared vision and mission, with the university as the academic partner and Shorelight as the operating partner.


We convene experts and diverse voices to identify opportunities that contribute to the greater good, create economic value for students and institutions, and incorporate advances in industry and technology. We invest in those world-changing ideas warranting financial support and purposeful stewardship.


Shorelight can help your university design, implement, and manage international programs on your institution’s home campus or at multiple venues around the world. We provide face-to-face student concierge services, enrollment management expertise, localized marketing, and regulatory guidance, all wrapped up in a best-in-class project implementation framework.


Our global student recruiting strategy includes a multi-channel approach and dozens of affiliates on the ground in key markets. Our regional team leaders provide students and recruiters with extensive support and localized program collateral. And our online marketing engine builds brand presence even in remote locations.


At the heart of how we do business is The Shorelight Way, an academic project management system built specifically to support our partnership. Our programs operate in a constant state of audit-readiness while satisfying transparent, robust, and comprehensive performance standards.


We put up the capital for launching the new venture, including hiring staff, producing go-to-market collateral, and enhancing student services to ensure a best-in-class student experience from day one. In addition to providing funding, we’re investing in a world-class global management and recruitment infrastructure to benefit your university. By backing transformational university leaders with capital, we free up university capital to be allocated to other ventures.

Global Reach

Through the Shorelight Global REACH TM platform, Shorelight brings together technology-driven recruitment services with a persistent focus on student success. The platform provides a series of connected technology solutions, tailored to each stage of the international student journey – from researching U.S. universities through graduation and beyond.


Opening U.S Universities to the World

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