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The Signature Student Experience.

From a warm airport welcome to guidance with a difficult class, every interactionaffects a student’s academic journey. These key experiences ensure that students feel a part of their new community and empowered to accomplish their goals.

Arrival Support

Students’ arrival from the airport to campus sets the tone for theirentire experience. A warm welcome, with the proper support and tools, reduces their anxiety, making them excited about their academic journey.


Orientation provides parents and students with the necessary information to adjust, prepare, and understand U.S. life on campus, from learning about degree options to exploring a new campus community. Opportunities for parents to connect over coffee, peer mentors available to answer students’ questions, and a schedule of events helps both parties feel supported and at ease.

At most other campuses, you’re just a number, whereas here I don’t feel that way, especially in my department. In a big way, your department becomes your university experience.
- Jongile, Hospitality Management, South Africa

Student Advising

Students’ transition from their home country to the United States is challenging, but with the proper help from incredible campus teams and a built-in support system, students can face difficulties both in and out of the classroom, guiding them to reach their personal and academic goals.

Professional Development

Preparing students for the workforce through interview prep, career mapping, résumé writing, and more, our campus programs offer a breadth of opportunities for students to succeed in the global marketplace.